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Special Offers & Campaigns

All Frequently asked questions

  • Do I receive Air Miles in the webshops?

    Yes. If you have an Air Miles card and you entered the number during registration, you can receive Air Miles.

    At Albert Heijn you will receive one Air Mile for every 2 euro spend. In the Etos webshop you will receive one Air Mile for each euro you spend. In Gall&Gall webshop you will receive five Air Miles for each Gall&Gall Huismerk item purchased. Several groups of items are excluded from this by law, such as medicines, tobacco and baby food for babies up to the age of one.

  • Can I redeem Air Miles in the webshops?

    No, it is not possible to redeem Air Miles in the webshops for discounts on items.

  • When will I receive my Air Miles?

    Within a few days Air Miles will be added to your Air Miles account once you have paid for your order. If you pay by mobile PIN, your Air Miles will be added to your Air Miles account a few days after delivery. If you pay by direct debit or by invoice, the Air Miles will be added to your account a few days after we have received your payment.

    If you have taken part in a special offer for which you have earned extra Bonus Miles, these Bonus Miles will not be added to your Air Miles account until the end of the special offer period.

  • Can I order an Air Miles card in the webshops?

    Yes, it is possible to order a new Air Miles card in the webshops. If you have lost your card or you want to order an additional card with the same number, you can contact Air Miles customer service on 0900 0807 (0.25 a minute). For more information

    New Air Miles cards can be ordered through the webshop for 2.50 euro. You can find the cards in the AH Webshop under Office supplies > Pens, pencils and stationery; or by searching for item number 19521.

  • Will I receive Etos baby stamps with my order in the Etos Webshop?

    No, you will not receive baby stamps for orders in the Etos webshop.

  • Will I receive stamps with my order in the AH Webshop?

    No, you will not receive any AH stamps with your order in the AH Webshop. In the interest of the safety, our delivery staff do not carry any bank notes or cheques of any kind on their person.

  • Do the stores' savings campaigns always apply in the webshops?

    The webshops usually offer the same national campaigns as the stores, such as AH Zomerzegels (AH Summer Stamps), AH Filmweken (AH Movie Weeks), etc. However, different terms and conditions may apply in the webshops.

    Some stores also have regional or local campaigns. It is not possible for Albert to take part in these campaigns.

  • Are all special offers in the stores also valid in the webshops?

    Not always. The webshops make a selection from the product range in the store, and the same applies for the special offers. You can identify special offers that apply in the webshop by the icon in the folders and on the stores' websites.

  • When are the special offers valid?

    Special offers depend on the date of delivery, and not the order date! Therefore it is advisable to select a delivery slot before you place your order. You will be asked to select a delivery slot whenever you log in with your e-mail address and password.

    Once you have selected a delivery slot, you will see the special offers that apply to that slot. You will also see the discount in your shopping cart. If you move your order to a different delivery slot, the special offers may change or expire.

    AH Bonus offers only apply if your 13-digit Bonus card number is registered with your personal details.

  • How do combination offers such as 'buy 2, get 1 free' work?

    Offers in which you can combine multiple items, such as 'buy 2, get 1 free' also apply in the webshops. However, this works differently than in the stores. In the webshop you can only order the same items, as technical reasons make it impossible to combine different varieties of items.

    To use a 'buy 2, get 1 free' offer, you need to click the 3 items into your shopping trolley. Only then will the discount be processed. The third free item is not added to your shopping trolley automatically.

  • Why do I receive free items?

    Sometimes you will receive a free item with your order. This is a small gift from the webshops, to introduce you to new or special items. Usually you will be notified of the addition of free items in advance through our website or in the e-mail newsletter.

  • Does the usual wine discount also apply in the webshops?

    The wine discounts of Albert Heijn and Gall & Gall also apply in the webshops.

    If you purchase six of the same bottles from the AH Webshop, you will receive a 10% discount on the total price. This wine discount does not apply if the wine is on special offer. The wine discount also applies to port, sherry and champagne from the AH Webshop.

    o If you have a Gall & Gall card and have entered the 13-digit card number along with your personal details, you will receive the 10% discount on all wines from the Gall & Gall Webshop. This wine discount also applies to champagne, but not to port or sherry.

    You will not receive the 10% wine discount on Gall & Gall wines that are on special offer, with the exception of the Gall & Gall Wine of the Month.

    Gall & Gall offers an extra discount in addition to the special offer price if you buy 6 bottles or more. Unfortunately it is not possible to apply this extra discount in the Gall & Gall Webshop.

  • What is a special offer code?

    In the webshops special offer codes work like digital vouchers. They can be used to obtain a discount on specific items, delivery charges or for various other offers. Special offer codes are issued in various ways, for example, in the webshops' e-mail newsletter, through folders or as personal offers.

  • I forgot to enter my special offer code. Can I still do so?

    You can enter a special offer code until 24 hours before delivery. To do so, log in and open your order by clicking on 'Change Order'. Then click on 'To Checkout' and enter your special offer code. Click next on 'Next Step', and finally on 'Place Order'. The discount will then be processed.

    It is not possible to change your order less than 24 hours before delivery. Should you wish to do so you need to contact our Customer Service (link). In some cases they may be able to apply the discount to your next order.

  • I have a special offer code, but am unable to enter it.

    To enter a special offer code, you need to be logged in. If you are logged in and still cannot enter a special offer code, you will usually see one of the following error messages:

    • 'This special offer code is not valid' You may not have entered the whole code or you may have made a typing error. Check whether you have entered the whole code (numbers and letters) and whether an O has been mistaken for a 0.
    • 'The discount has not been processed' Your order probably does not meet the conditions for the special offer. Some special offer codes are only valid for delivery within a certain period, or only for your first order.

  • What is the friends service, 'Vriendendienst'?

    The friends service is a way of introducing friends and acquaintances to the convenience of online shopping, while earning yourself a nice discount at the same time. If you register a friend, acquaintance or family member with one of the Albert Heijn, Etos or Gall & Gall webshops, you will receive a 10 euro discount on an order.

    You can register as many friends as you like. For more information and the terms & conditions of the offer, click here.